Hi, I'm Maanav.

Nice to meet you!


My short spiel.

I'm currently a student at McMaster University studying Software Engineering, and a former Program Manager Intern (2021) at Microsoft, as well as a Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft (2020 and 2019)!

I also do UX / UI contract work. For business inquiries, feel free to contact me at maanavdalal@gmail.com.

In my free time I enjoy building opinions on new technology, creating UX/UI mockups, and playing video games (I main Ness & Link in Smash)!


My favourite creations over the years. See more on github.


My personal skill set.

Achievements & Awards

The awards I have brought home, and the achievements I'm proud of.

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I'm always available for coffee chats and freelancing.
Say hi at MaanavDalal@gmail.com!